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For more than 90 years Wheatley’s advanced technology has solved industry’s flow control problems.

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Need Wheatley Parts?

Trying to track down discontinued parts for Wheatley pumps can prove quite frustrating. However, it's critical that you find the spherical valve, connecting rods or gland nuts needed to keep your pumps in working order. Some people make the mistake of throwing out their pumps instead of searching for a discontinued piece. Let the friendly customer service staff at Wheatley.com help you find the replacement part you need to repair your duplex or triplex or quintuplex plunger and piston pumps from Wheatley.

Wheatley.com Customer Service

At Wheatley.com, we supply our customers with the hard-to-find plungers, pistons, packing, valves, connecting rods and bearings they can't track down on their own. We serve national and international customers alike, and our business can be counted on for fast shipping and friendly assistance.

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