Field Proven Reliability Since 1916

For more than 90 years Wheatley’s advanced technology has solved industry’s flow control problems.

Power End Features:

Wheatley’s Exclusive Offset Crankshaft

By offsetting the crankshaft Wheatley engineers have reduced vertical thurst loads by more than 40 percent. Crankshaft vibration is virtually eliminated and friction, heat and wear are significantly reduced.

Low Profile Power Frame

Wheatley pumps feature a low profile power end making them particularly suitable for close-quarter applications. Their power frames are manufactured from close-grained, one-piece castings. They are precision-bored to provide dimensional stability and matched alignment of the stuffing box, wiper box, crosshead, pony rod and plunger.

High Capacity Roller Bearings

We have simplified the alignment of the high-capacity tapered roller bearding to allow for easy adjustment from outside the pump. Bearing housings are precision-machined and interchangeable.

Fluid End Features:

Wheatley Quality Plungers

To provide maximum versatility, plungers are available in several high quality materials. For the ultimate in plunger surface hardness, the exclusive Weataloy™ plunger is made from a stainless steel body coated with a special nickel alloy. Other available materials are chrome oxide, and, for maximum corrosion resistance, solid ceramic plungers.

Precision Pump Valves

Precision machining and strict quality control standards assure proper valve standoff and maximum operating life. Other seat and disc materials are also available to meet your application requirements.

Series 200 Plunger Pumps Designed for High Pressure, Low Volume Applications

Model HP-250 for High, Medium and Low Pressure Applications

Model HP-360 for High, Medium and Low Pressure Applications

Model HP-600 for High, Medium and Low Pressure Applications

Model T365 for High, Medium and Low Pressure Applications